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Free Speech and Association

October 18, 2021

Daily Journal: Washington agency boots Santa-clad right-to-work advocates

The Washington Department of Ecology allows public employee union representatives to communicate with workers in the building's public lobby but enacted a new policy that bans the Freedom Foundation, right-to-work advocates who also want to communicate with workers in the lobby about their First Amendment rights related to union membership. ...

October 06, 2021

When are T-shirts considered prohibited electioneering?

Elections end, but T-shirts can live forever. Until last week, Texas law prohibited voters from wearing an Obama or Reagan T-shirt in polling places, even when neither past president was on a present ballot. In fact, the law prohibited voters from wearing anything that an election worker deemed "electioneering" for or against any candidate, politic ...

September 23, 2021

Redding, California, must allow tattoo studios to open downtown

Delia Fields lost everything in the Camp Fire in 2018. After fleeing the fire in her old pickup truck with nothing but her two dogs and the clothes on her back, she sought temporary shelter in a Walmart parking lot in Chico, California. From there, she located some friends she could stay with until she ...

September 15, 2021

The Oregonian: Oregon gives a cold shoulder to love letters

Don't even think about sending a love letter. If you are buying a home in Oregon, that is. In today's very competitive real estate market, buyers' love letters are a common practice to try to get a little more attention and sympathy from a seller. Buyers can tell sellers what they really love about the ...

August 31, 2021

San Jose State University must respect and protect free speech

American universities are meant to be places to debate ideas and explore novel theories. But, unfortunately, the picture on American campuses today is quite different. Today, disagreeing with woke orthodoxy might get you branded a racist by university officials and threatened with sanctions. This was the unfortunate experience of Dr. Elizabeth Weis ...

August 12, 2021

California’s unequal treatment of canvassers is a First Amendment violation

Editor's Note: This piece is from our friends at the Institute for Free Speech, about a new lawsuit they have filed challenging California's restrictions on freelancing. It's another bright and sunny day in California. Election season is around the corner, and things are heating up. Candidates are running advertisements on television, announcing th ...