Ellen Hubbard

Director of Donor Relations

Ellen Hubbard leads the donor relations team at Pacific Legal Foundation, where she helps donors partner with PLF to advance property rights, free enterprise, and individual liberty and rein in unconstitutional government overreach.

Ellen loves connecting with, and getting to know, PLF’s donors because she thinks they are among the best of humanity—generous and selfless, they are passionate about fighting for freedom and leaving a better America for future generations. She enjoys assisting her team in coming up with creative ways to help donors fulfill their goals and interests.

Prior to PLF, Ellen was a major gift fundraiser at The Heritage Foundation. Before that, she and her husband, Jim, founded American Film Renaissance, a first-of-its-kind org aimed at promoting films and filmmakers celebrating liberty through pop culture and digital media. AFR film festivals garnered press on six continents (all but Antarctica). She has been a frequent interviewee (Fox News, CNN, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, et al.) and speaker at events hosted by The Club for Growth, Council for National Policy, and CPAC.

Ellen is a member of the State Bar of Texas, where she practiced civil litigation in Dallas. She grew up in Minnesota and now lives in Reno, Nevada, and enjoys running (Lake Tahoe and Twin Cities Marathons), hiking, and traveling to weird places. She has spent Thanksgiving in both the lowest (the Dead Sea in Jordan) and highest (Mount Everest in Nepal) locations on earth. And no, she didn’t eat turkey at either place.


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October 28, 2021

Abolishing NYC’s gifted and talented program does not eliminate racial inequality—it only makes it stronger

Since the 19th century, gifted and talented programs in public schools have offered bright students the opportunity to reach their full potential. As individuals, we each learn at different speeds and different levels, and accelerated programs have helped ensure that advanced students of all backgrounds are not held back in environments where they ...

October 28, 2021

Inside Sources: Education bureaucrats have declared war on Asian American achievement

This op-ed was written by John Yoo, a member of PLF’s board of trustees and a law professor at University of California, Berkeley. In February, the San Francisco Board of Education voted to eliminate merit-based admissions standards at Lowell High School, one of the city's top-ranked public schools, with the stated goal of increasing diversit ...

October 26, 2021

The Hill: Racial discrimination in vaccine administration undermines public health

Race-based government policies are being promoted more vigorously in the United States lately and they threaten to undo progress toward equality before the law. We're seeing school boards engineer admissions to achieve racial balancing in classrooms, COVID-19 relief programs that earmark funds for preferred minority groups, and government contracts ...

October 18, 2021

Daily Journal: Washington agency boots Santa-clad right-to-work advocates

The Washington Department of Ecology allows public employee union representatives to communicate with workers in the building's public lobby but enacted a new policy that bans the Freedom Foundation, right-to-work advocates who also want to communicate with workers in the lobby about their First Amendment rights related to union membership. ...

October 13, 2021

Despite a pandemic and excess local regulation, food truck owner Mark Shirley refuses to abandon his dream

No one ever starts a business with the intent to fail. But thanks to Farmville, North Carolina's new food truck regulations, one man's burgeoning business stands in jeopardy. It takes a great deal of courage to leave your established career and follow your bliss, but that is exactly what Mark Shirley did. For years, Mark ...

October 07, 2021

Malibu is refusing to abide by California’s new housing laws, and one family is suffering as a result

For the entirety of Elizabeth Riddick's life, her mother Renee has been her rock. Whether she was supporting Elizabeth through her divorce or helping her purchase a home in Malibu, California, Renee has been there for her daughter through thick and thin. When Renee, now 82, began to develop severe health issues, Elizabeth sprang into ...