Marisa Wineriter

Annual Giving Manager DC

Marisa Wineriter always wanted a career focused on bettering the lives of others. In her current role as annual giving manager at PLF, she listens to the hopes and struggles of everyday Americans facing government overreach, encouraging them through these struggles and connecting them to PLF’s legal work. Her role allows her to promote the idea of individual liberty that will help Americans achieve their greatest potential.  

Originally from Ohio, Marisa decided she wanted to attend college in New York City, which led her to attend The King’s College. In May 2020, she graduated with a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics and four years of internship experience at major organizations like Restore NYC, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, and UBS Financial.   

In her spare time, Marisa enjoys volunteering with local nonprofits to teach English to immigrants. She also stays active by going cycling every morning with her roommates.